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It all started when I had my first cigar with my grandfather.

Time stood still as I breathed in the richness of that coming of age moment. A passion had been ignited in me though, for more than just cigars. Some call it the American Dream. That hunger and drive, whatever it may be, is what built The Kentucky Double®. It's about more than ashtrays, cigars and coasters. It's the cigar aficionado lifestyle. It's beautiful to see a dream come to fruition. When I first envisioned The Kentucky Double®, I had a few key things in mind. It had to be of unmatched quality and sourced from the USA as much as possible. It had to last a lifetime, and be a legacy piece. One that I could pass on to my grandkids in a coming of age moment. Last of all, it had to be elegant and luxurious. It had to feel classy and tailor made for the lifestyle of the affluent. "Good things come to those who hustle." At the end of the day, there's nothing better than unwinding with The Kentucky Double®. Our process for creating every Double requires precision and careful attention to detail in every step, making sure every Double meets our standard for quality and durability. From machining the aluminum in house and hand assembly of each one, it is the culmination of my dreams. I am proud to back The Kentucky Double® with a Lifetime Guarantee. Next time you are in Kentucky, drop me a line. Maybe we can catch a horse race over cigars and drinks.

- Chris Dangler, Owner & Visionary