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My name is Chris Dangler, owner of The Kentucky Double®. My passion for cigars started when I had my first cigar with my grandfather. From that moment the same passion carried on years later when creating The Kentucky Double®. To me, the Kentucky Double is more than just an ashtray and coaster, it’s an entire lifestyle. From my morning cigar and coffee to socializing with friends over cigars and drinks in the evening, the cigar aficionado lifestyle is one I’ve always admired. My top three goals when creating The Kentucky Double® was to make something that will last a lifetime, something with unmatched quality, and
something that fits naturally with the cigar aficionado lifestyle. With these goals in mind, I decided to use American made Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum, the highest grade natural hardwood available, premium full grain leather, and the best horseshoes available - Kerckhaert Kings Plates. Our process for creating every Double requires precision and careful attention to detail in every step, making sure every Double meets our standard for quality and durability. From machining the aluminum in house
and hand assembly of each one, we’re proud to back the Kentucky Double with a Lifetime Guarantee